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Paul Linck Entrepeneur Software Developer Instructor Athlete
Age : 54 Years
Date of birth : 02-09-1965
Address : Atlanta, GA
E-mail : paul@linck.net
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Paul graduated from Purdue University in 1987 with a BS in Computer Science. His first job after college was at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). There he worked on a large variety of software development projects for clients across the US. Later, he co-founded a company specializing in software architecture for large, leading edge applications. Since then he has been consulting in a variety of industries and technologies. His primary focus in most recent years is in the Home Automation industry developing software to automate homes and businesses.

These days Paul spends his time developing mobile and web applications with the latest technologies including Swift/iOS, C#, and full stack web development (e.g. HTML/CSS/Javascript). He is highly skilled in tools and technology supporting the latest software development trends.

Paul loves to exercise mainly swimming, cycling and running. He has completed over 80 triathlons including 23 Full Ironman Races.

The picture shows Paul crossing the finish line in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2017. This was Paul's 3rd time competing in the World Championship, and this time was extra special. Paul had just completed a year of surgeries and treatment for Cancer. He qualified for the race in late 2015, but was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and was in treatment from June 2016 to June 2017. He completed this race in October 2017.

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Mobile iOS
Fullstack, M.E.R.N.



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2018 - 2019

Full Stack Bootcamp

Georgia Tech immersive 6 month full stack web development bootcamp

2016 - 2017

Swift iOS Advanced Development

Big Nerd Ranch Advanced iOS development using Swift

2016 - 2017

Swift iOS Intermediate Development

Big Nerd Ranch Intermediate iOS development using Swift

1989 - 1991

Georgia State University

Part time MBA program

1983 - 1987

Purdue University

Received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science


2000 - Present

Master Programmer - Home Automation

Crestron Certified Software Engineer. Design, implement software for large home automation systems. Utilize Crestron technology for integration of a variety of systems (Audio/Video, Lighting, Shades, HVAC, Security).

1997 - 2000

VP Software Architecture - S1 Technologies

In charge of application architecture for the S1 suite of fintech products including, banking, investment and customer relationship management software. Key technologies included Web, C/C++, Sybase, Tuxedo TPM and large scale unix development.

1994 - 2000

Owner, CFO - Solution by Design

Co-founded and co-managed the company and was acting CFO Business development and sales. Software architecture, design and implementation for many large scale clients including Turner Broadcasting, MCI, Bellsouth, Delta and SFNB. Software training and education sessions.

1987 - 1994

Manager - Andersen Consulting

Specialized in the large scale software architecture for client/server applications as they were in their infancy. Worked on many large customers using leading edge tech at the time like C/C++, SYBASE, Oracle, Tuxedo/Encina, Unix (HP-UX, AIX, DEC-Unix), IBM 360, and Windows (3.1).


Crestron Software Development

Crestron Certified Master Programmer for 18+ years. Advanced design, programming, and implementation of large scale home automation systems using the crestron platform for integration. Expert in the entire suite of Crestron Products and Development Tools.

Web Development

Full Stack Web Development using HTML/CSS/Javascript, M.E.R.N. and a variety of frameworks and libraries

iOS Development

Swift development for iOS utilizing latest iOS frameworks and technologies including UIKit, Core data, Foundation, Multithreading, CloudKit, MVC, Rest, Vapor

Web Design

Website desing using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and other technologies

Professional Education

In person technical instruction on a variety of topics incliuding Swift, iOS, and full stack web development.

Project Management

Experienced in software project management from inception to deployement on large and small teams.


  • all
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Crestron

Just Dice

  • Just Dice iOS App
  • Skills : Swift, iOS, Animation

Dice Rolling Application This is a very simple applicaiton to roll the dice and get random values for each. So, my intention is to add a fair amount of value and publish to the app store. I realize it is a very simple app, but it doesis handy for someone who wants to place a dice game but does not have any or just wants to use their phone instead. I use the current iOS development environment including Xcode 10, iOS 12 and Swift 4.0.

Project GitHub
  • Crestron App
  • Crestron App
  • Crestron App
  • Crestron App
  • Crestron App
  • Crestron App

Large Residential Home Automation

  • Crestron Home Automation
  • Skills : VTPro, SIMPL, D3Pro, Audio, Video, Lighting, Security, Door Locks, HVAC

Large scale home automaton and integration project. I have done many, many of these. Includes complete integration and automation of 16 rooms of audio, 8 rooms of A/V, home theater, 100+ lighting loads, 5 zones HVAC, multiple door locks, distributed video and audio. Includes multple crestron TSW-1050, TSW-750 touchscreens, multiple handheld and wirless remote controls, DM For A/V distribution, Pro3 and MC3 processors. Includes iPAD and iPhone applications for home control locally and via the cloud. Complete with Amazon Alexa integration.

No GitHub/Private
  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars

Star Wars Game

  • Star Wars
  • Skills : HTML, CSS, JS

Star Wars is a battle game. The user first chooses the character they wish to be by clicking on the character's picture. The player will fight as that player for the whole game. The player then fights each of the remaining characters (the enemies) one at a time. He chooses the enemy to fight next by clicking their picture. The character that the player is figthing against is in the defender_ area of the page. Once the match is started, you click the attack button. Whenever you click attack, it causes damage to the enemy by decreasing their HP - health points. An enemies HP is displayed beloew their image. As soon as you hit attack, the enemy attacks back. Each time the enemy attacks you, you lose some of your HP. You points are shown beneath your character's picture. You continue to hit attack until their HP goes to zero or below - or your HP goes to zero or below. If their HP goes to zero or below, you win. That enemy is removed from defender area and you pick the next enemuy to fight and do the same thing until you or all opponents are defeated.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • TrainScheduler
  • TrainScheduler
  • TrainScheduler

Train Scheduler

  • Train Scheduler Web App
  • Skills : HTML/CSS/JS, JQuery, Timers, minutejs, Firebase

This is a train schedule application that uses Firebase to host arrival and departure data for trains. First, you schedule a train by entering relevant information about when it is first scheduled and how often it runs. Then, the app shows the schedule of all the trains and when the next arrival time is and how many minutes until it arrives. When adding trains, you provide the following: Train Name Destination First Train Time -- in military time Frequency -- in minutes The app calculates when the next train will arrive based on current time and frequency The app updates the train arrivals (next time and minutes away) every minute to keep the times up to the minute on the web page I added a delete button to the list of trains to allow you to delete it

Project GitHub Project Demo

Traveler Dashboard

  • Traveler Dashboard
  • Skills : HTML, CSS, JS, Firebase, Node.js/Express

This is the team for Project 1. Team Members are: Kelsie Daniels - Weather API Justin Thomas - Zomato Places Michael Wilson - UX/UI and geolcation Paul Linck - firebase, and google address validation Project Description This is a Traveler Dashboard application. You will be able populate weather information and top restaurants in any given place (city, address, POI etc). You will also be able add and store your favorite places to search.

Project GitHub Project Demo

Just Groceries

  • Just Groceries iOS App
  • Skills : Swift, iOS, Firebase, HTML/CSS/Javascript

Skills : Swift, iOS, Animation, Firebase, UIKit, Xcode, HTML/CSS/Javascript This is a grocery list application that uses firebase to store and sync grocery list items. I plan to grow it to be a full fledge application with iOS and Web versions.

Project GitHub
  • LIRI
  • LIRI Sample
  • LIRI Sample
  • LIRI Sample
  • LIRI Sample
  • LIRI Sample
  • LIRI Sample

Liri Console App

  • Liri
  • Skills : JS, Node, npm, Spotify, Axios, MomentJS, fs

This is LIRI. LIRI is like iPhone's SIRI. However, while SIRI is a Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, LIRI is a _Language_ Interpretation and Recognition Interface. LIRI is a command line node app that takes in parameters and gives you back key information from Spotify, Bands in Town, and the Open Movie Database (OMDB).

Project GitHub
  • Word Guess

Liri Console App

  • Word Guess Class
  • Skills : JS, Node, npm, ES6 Classes

This is a simple node command line Word Guess game using classes and objects. I allow the user to guess another word without leavig the program as well. I dont count against guess if the letter was already guessed so count does not go down for repeat guess. In addition, I *give* the user special characters and numbers - tey only have to guess letters so if there are special characters or numbers in a word, I provide those for the user.

Project GitHub
  • Shoppin

Shopping Console App

  • Shopping Application
  • Skills : JS, Node, npm, ES6 Classes

This is an Amazon-like storefront Command Line Interface app (CLI). The app takes in orders from customers and depletes stock from the store's inventory. As a bonus, it tracks product sales across the store's departments and then provides a summary of the highest-grossing departments in the store..

Project GitHub
  • Friends

Find Friends

  • Find Friends
  • Skills : JS, Node, Express, npm, ES6 Classes

This is a Friend Finder application. It is not a dating app. The user answers 10 survey questions and the backend compares those survey results to all the other people who filled out the survey and shows them their closest friend match. It displays that match in a bootstrap model dialog. There is also an option to display ALL the friends who filled out the survey in order of how close they are to you in survey results. The lower the number / score, the closer the match they are to you. That `score` for you vs a single freind is determined by subtracting each answer you picked from each answer a friend picked and taking the absolute value. Those values are totalled for all the answers which gives your match a score. It uses HTML/CSS/Javascript and Bootstrap on the front end and Node/Express on the backend. I have an in memory backend and an optional MySQL backend. Two ES6 classes are swapped in and out to determine which backend storage is used.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • Twilio CMS

Twilio CMS

  • Twilio
  • Skills : JS, Node, Express, Sequelize, Twilio, Google Cloud, OAuth 2.0, Firebase Cloud Storage

TwilioCMS/Textador is a content management system for eCommerce and SMS transactions. It is a full stack web application, but it's special purpose is to allow commerce for people that do not have access to the internet - only text messages. There are a huge number of areas in the world where folks do not have internet access but have SMS. It allows a user / _banker_ to host a site that manages buying and selling various items that users post. This _banker_ is called a **Textador**. Photos, Posts and eCommerce Transactions can be managed via the full stack web application. The Textador is the middleman to facilitate access to folks **without** internet access. Theese folks participate buying and selling through their cell phones using standard SMS through the Textador's account/system number. `subscribers` can view, and buy items using standard text messages on their cell phones. The application is fully secured using firebase / google OAuth 2.0 authentication services.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • Burgers

Burger Log

  • Burger Log
  • Skills : JS, Node, Express, SQL, ORM, Google Cloud, npm, ES6 Classes

This full stack app allows you to create burgers and eat/devour them.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • News


  • News Scraper
  • Skills : MERN-Mongo, Express, React, Node, JS, Google Cloud, Cheerio

This full stack REACT app allows you to scrape news articles and save for later comments and viewing.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • News


  • News Scraper
  • Skills : MERN-Mongo, Express, React, Node, JS, Google Cloud, Cheerio

Display list of images and allows user to click each trryoing to not click the same one twice. Randomizes each time.

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • Books


  • Books
  • Skills : MERN-Mongo, Mongoose, Express, React, Node, JS, Google Cloud

React-based Google Books Search app. This assignment requires React components, helper/util functions, and React lifecycle methods to query and display books based on user searches. You'll also use Node, Express and MongoDB so that users can save books to review or purchase later

Project GitHub Project Demo
  • Dollaroo


  • Dollaroo
  • Skills : MERN-Mongo, Mongoose, Express, React, Node, JS, Google Cloud, Firebase OAUTH, Firestore

A cloud-based web and mobile application that imitates smart safe functionality with minimal upfront cost. Instant deposits of provisional credit via Realtime Payment Network. Smart bill counter to facilitate register closing. Scalable Solution supports multiple locations. “Cash Recycle” function to rebuild registers without ordering more bills. Store case in existing safe and deposit less frequently through method of choice. Cloud Based Analytics portal with a comprehensive deposit information and export functionality.

Project GitHub Project Demo

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